A special big “thank you” to everyone at St Brigid’s College.  You have supported me over the years; I would like to take this opportunity to tell you all how much I appreciate your kindness, patience and above all friendship. You have been so thoughtful and supportive. You were always prepared to go the extra mile to help with the Aspire Programme and nothing was ever any bother to you.

I am moving on to a new project, Families Connect with Save the Children, but I am still based at Greater Shantallow Area Partnership. I am excited about this wonderful opportunity.

However,  it  is  tinged  with  sadness  because  I  am  leaving   a  wonderful team of people and  fantastic students, who over the last 6 years have allowed me to be part of their life’s journey. It has been a privilege to see our wonderful young people blossom.  I want to take this opportunity to tell each one of them, that I am so proud of all that they are and all that I know they will become. They are smart and gifted, but above all kind, thoughtful and caring.

 I loved being their “Granny” over the years and know that they all have the potential for greatness. Every one of the students treated me with such kindness and care and will always be my “children”. I wish every one of them a wonderful, happy, healthy, fulfilling life.

A new Co-ordinator will be continuing the work of Aspire and I know whoever is appointed, will be as impressed as I have been with the St Brigid’s family and will continue this fantastic programme in an innovative and exciting way.

To you the parents and guardians of St Brigid’s College, I would like to say a big thank you also. You have supported me in everything I have done over the years. You are very special people and you must be so proud of your children. They have grown in kindness, through the love they have received at home, in school and in their community.

I have a very special thank you also to all of the parent volunteers (who I stalked, phoned and called on constantly), you have helped make Aspire what it is today. You gave of your time and energy to support the delivery of the programme and not one of you has changed their phone number yet! To me you were not just volunteers on Aspire, you have become my friends and that will never change. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Have a happy safe, fun summer, you deserve it.


Love and God bless