The Greater Shantallow Area Partnership Talking to Our Babies Project aims to enable everyone to have a deeper understanding of how babies and children, aged 0 -3 years, develop language and how best to support and promote this key development area. Whether you are a Parent, Early Years, Health or Family Support Professional  we have a wonderful variety of resources and programmes available to help you give the babies and children you care for the best start in life - the skills to communicate with confidence.  

Talking To Our Babies delivers various parenting programmes (for babies, toddlers and pre-school children) at different venues across the area. Please see Activities & training  Pages  to choose the programme that's best for you and your little one. We also create community events and community campaigns but remember to register as a member on this website and then you'll get a reminder of all the programmes and events you and your little one may like to come to!

We offer a wide variety of information sheets (such as; Toddler Nursery Rhymes, Giving Up The Dummy Packs, Communication Milestones, Tips & Activity sheets), Posters including; 'Lets Learn About Animals', 'Bedtime Sleepy Time' or 'Language Learning And Your Little One' and Share A Story Share A Smile' (which is great for Early Years settings). We also have Talking To Our Babies Notebooks which are handy for notes and lists but also give tips for supporting communication development too! There are so many resources we've got for you so visit our shop and see which is right for you!


Here's our 'Talk Sing, Read And Play Builds My Future Every Day' video which shows you exactly what Talking To Our Babies is, as well as highlighting the important role talking, singing, reading and playing with you has in supporting babies and children communication development. 

We held a wonderful 'Share A Story, Share A Smile Event' to promote the benefits of reading and sharing stories to babies and children's communication development. Everyone enjoyed sharing stories, reading Dear Zoo as a community group and more! Here's the video....

Talking to Our Babies Keep In Touch ...

Facebook; find us on Facebook @ Talking To Our Babies. Here you'll find all the up to date information on programmes, training, information sessions and community events as well as their photographs and a variety of videos, produced by Charities such as I CAN - The Children's Communication Charity to help you give your babies, toddlers and children the support to develop into confident communicators.

For further information, and we would be delighted to hear from you, you can message us here through the website or contact Natalie Logue (Talking To Our Babies Co-ordinator) here at The Greater Shantallow Area Partnership at on 02871358787