We couldn't fund and support hundreds of community projects and individuals/families in need across the Greater Shantallow Area without the help from local businesses.

GSAP can provide you with valuable PR opportunities and increase staff involvement and build morale through fundraising, volunteering and networking opportunities.

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Our aim is to raise £25,000 per year from companies based in and/or providing services in the area. The Greater Shantallow Community Fund £25,000 proposition helps a company to deliver the local element of its corporate social responsibility agenda – making a long-lasting contribution to groups near where your company is based and where your staff live. £25,000 is equivalent to helping 25 local community/voluntary sector groups with a £1,000 award.

Greater Shantallow Community Fund £25,000- members pledge to donate at least £1,000 to help us to support the vital work of grassroots projects at the heart of our communities.

Some Greater Shantallow £25,000 partners go that extra mile to engage with the work that we do by running their own fundraising events and taking up volunteer opportunities.

For more information about how your organisation can get involved please contact Rory Mc Parland on 02871 358787 or email [email protected]


Sponsorship is a great way to support the Greater Shantallow Area whilst gaining fantastic brand awareness and exposure for your company.

By sponsoring one of Greater Shantallow events you can help build positive brand awareness across the Greater Shantallow Area. It’s a great way of connecting with target audiences while demonstrating good corporate citizenship and also provides an opportunity for you company to network and entertain clients.

We’re experienced in developing and delivering flexible sponsorship packages to meet your objectives and budget. Together we can deliver a partnership that meets your marketing objectives whilst raising vital funds for communities projects across the Greater Shantallow Area.

Benefits of sponsoring a Greater Shantallow event/programme/activity/group.

  • Flexible, tailored sponsorship packages
  • Generate positive PR and increased brand profile
  • Engagement and promotion of your company to a key target audience
  • Access to networking opportunities
  • Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility at a local level.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities with the Greater Shantallow Area. Please get in touch with GSAP at [email protected]


Setting up a named fund is a great way for your company to get directly involved in community philanthropy, without the administrative and legal costs of setting up a separate charitable trust.

We can provide personal support to ensure your giving is effective and we will help you to match your company’s charitable interests with local needs.

Options for named funds vary depending on the size of gift and how involved you want to be in expressing preferences for groups to receive support. You can allow us to direct and manage your fund or you can spend time with us recommending projects and groups that you wish to benefit from it. We can advise you on the best approach for your named fund and, once active, we will match it with appropriate requests for support from our communities.

Your fund can be in the name of your company. Alternatively, the fund can be completely anonymous if you prefer.

You can set up your named fund with a donation of cash, through a legacy, with transfers of shares or even a gift of property. Whatever mechanism suits your circumstances, we will make sure your giving is handled tax efficiently whether you are an individual or a business.

In every case, we sign with you a philanthropy agreement and provide you with a dedicated staff member. You will receive a report every year on the charitable activity you have supported including, where appropriate, feedback from the recipients of awards.

We handle all requests for support, assess applications, manage grants made and promote funds where appropriate. All funds make a contribution each year to cover the running costs of our charitable activities. The level of this ‘fee’ depends on the size of your fund and the amount of involvement you wish to have.

For more information about how your organisation can get involved please contact GSAP on  on 02871 358787


If your company has an interest and passion for a particular cause or area within the Greater Shantallow Area, and wish to be strategic in your community and charitable giving, a Themed Fund delivers real impact at a local level.

For as little as £5,000 you can contribute to a themed fund.

For example-You can help support projects that focus on:  Disability / Environment / Health & Wellbeing / Children and Young people/Older People / Start-up groups / Women etc


You can help support projects in:  Galliagh /Shantallow / Shantallow East / Culmore / Skeoge /Pennyburn /Ballynashallog

Working with the Greater Shantallow community allows you or your company to demonstrate real philanthropic spirit and a powerful commitment to strengthening communities across the Greater Shantallow Area

For more information about how your organisation can get involved please ring GSAP on 02871358787 or email [email protected]


If your company wants to support local communities in the Greater Shantallow Area for years to come then establishing an endowment fund provides a safe and sustainable source of income ….forever!

Endowment Funds can be set up with a minimum donation of £25,000. Your gift is kept as an asset, and invested within a low risk investment portfolio. The income it earns supports charitable causes each year. Endowment funds turn your donation into a lasting legacy, ensuring your giving supports causes for years to come.

This is a fantastic way to leave your philanthropic mark in society and a permanent reminder of the values and priorities that set you apart. It will provide a permanent tribute to you or a loved one and extend your values for future generations.

For more information about how your organisation can get involved please contact GSAP on 02871358787 or email [email protected]

Your can help make a major difference to people living within disadvantaged households/neighbourhoods in the Greater Shantallow Area.