Talking To Our Babies; 'Dummy Do Or Dummy Don't?' Poster

'Dummy Do Or Dummy Don’t?'

A2 Poster

Our 'Dummy Do Or Dummy Don't?' poster looks perfect on Nursery, Family Centre or Early Years settings Parent Information Boards. Visually appealing in bright primary colours, this informative poster is written in a simple, easy to read, rhyming text to encourage parents to consider weaning their child off the dummy.

Our poster is full colour, printed on high quality gloss card and measures 53 cm x 59.5 cm

If you are planning a ‘whole class’ approach to giving up the dummy why not hand out our ‘Giving Up The Dummy’ Packs complete with Tips For Parents, Dummy Countdown Sheet (with stickers) and Certificate!

Here's our poster on the Language And Communication Board in the reception area at Belmont Nursery School.