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A Peoples History of Shantallow


Now available to purchase online. A new book depicting and celebrating many of the lives & stories of the Greater Shantallow area in the early to mid 20th Century. Read more

Talking To Our Babies; 'Dummy Do Or Dummy Don't?' Poster


Our 'Dummy Do Or Dummy Don't?' poster is bright, eye catching and perfect for any day care, early years or nursery class in the parent waiting area. Read more

Talking To Our Babies; 'Bedtime Sleepy Time' Parent Poster


These night time scene posters are perfect to encourage your little one to follow the bedtime routine but also give you a few little bedtime facts too! Read more

Talking To Our Babies; Talk, Sing, Read And Play 40 Things For Us To Do Screenwise Booklet


This handy little A5 booklet is full of tips for talking, advice regarding screentime and activity ideas too ! Read more

Talking To Our Babies; 'Language Learning And Your Little One' Milestones Poster


Our simple 'Language Learning And Your Little One' milestones posters shows very clearly the key communication milestones for babies, toddler and children (ages 6 month - three years). You can collect at GSAP offices Open Mon to Fri 9am to 4pm Read more