Shantallow Peoples History Project 1916-1966

A new project to establish a permanent history of Shantallow, Ballyarnett and the Middle Liberties from 1916 to 1966 was launched in late 2015.  It aims to build a digital memory bank, which can then be used to develop a range of heritage resources - exhibitions, a book, smartphone apps, tourism kiosks, heritage trails etc...

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Project Areas

  • Cornshell

    Cornshell Read more

  • Shantallow

    Shantallow including Old School and Fern Terrace Read more

  • Carnhill

    Carnhill, Belmont, Bogslea Read more

  • Pennyburn

    The Collon, Collon Lane, Pennyburn including Pennyburn School & Collon Moss and Buncrana Road towards Cosquin Read more