Social Capital (North West) C.I.C. is a Community Interest Company and trading subsidiary of the Greater Shantallow Area Partnership (GSAP)set up to meet the research, community engagement, consultation and  evaluation needs of community, voluntary, social economy and public sector organisations in the North West.

We are a full service agency and can provide a complete range of research methodologies. We provide qualitative and quantitative fieldwork services and have developed highly innovate and accurate approaches to providing customer insight via our high quality data collection and analysis.

We have years of experience conducting a wide range of research, evaluation and consultation with diverse audiences. Each of our clients receive a bespoke approach combining our years of experience with their individual needs. We always ensure we understand your needs and expectations and make sure you are satisfied with our proposed research approach before any work commences. We work in partnership with you to deliver actionable findings that help lead to positive change.

 Examples of previous work

The strengths of social Capital (North West) C.I.C. 

  • Strong working relationships with the local C&V sector in Greater Shantallow area, Derry City & Strabane District Council Area, the North West and the community in general.
  • Sound working policies and procedures in place;
  • Experienced and qualified staff with an excellent track record, a wealth of experience in the design, management and analysis of behavioural, attitudinal and household surveys in the context of a wide range of social policy issues and over 20 years experience in designing and managing a range of community based capacity building programmes and initiatives;
  • Provision of a comprehensive data preparation service: questionnaire design, coding, data entry, questionnaire verification and tabulation production;
  • Successful track record in encouraging and supporting community engagement and involvement through a range of techniques including action research, focus groups, structured, semi structured and self completed questionnaires, structured and unstructured interviews, question and answer sessions, seminars, public meetings, focus groups, open days, reference panels, planning for real events, setting up and supporting community/resident groups etc;
  • Familiar with the social, economic and community issues affecting residents in the Derry City & Strabane District Council area and across the North of Ireland;
  • Tried and tested methods of delivery and able to meet daytime, evening and weekend research needs;
  • Experienced in Community Engagement and proven ability in recruiting and researching 'hard to reach' groups;
  • Relevant and recent experience of working with socially excluded groups;
  • Proven ability to provide fast and accurate manual data processing where required i.e. open ended questions on paper forms/surveys;
  • Loyalty of our team to the company and its clients is extremely high;
  • Commitment to providing a professional, high quality, cost conscious service - in the quickest possible time;
  • Because of our long history and reputation, people trust the results are being presented honestly and objectively;

                   Some of Social Capital (North West) C.I.C. Clients