At the Greater Shantallow Area Partnership, staff are on hand to help support, advise, and guide you and your organisation as you begin the process of establishing a new group.

Why not become an affiliated member of the Greater Shantallow Area Partnership.  In return we will provide you with a full 'wrap around' support package including...

Governance & Charitable Status

GSAP can offer information and practical support on a wide range of matters from developing a constitution, setting up a bank account and accessing insurance cover to charity registration and dealing with governance issues on the board.

Training & Skills Enhancement

GSAP can provide a wide range of training for community/voluntary groups from half day events to bespoke training packages, tailored to meet the needs of your own group.  We can provide support either in a group setting or on a one-to-one basis.

Fundraising Support

GSAP offer help and practical support on all aspects of your fundraising needs such as assistance with sponsorship/donations to completing funding applications and submitting tenders.

Human Resource Management

GSAP offer information and practical support on a wide range of matters relating to managing people from developing job descriptions, job application forms and staff handbooks to developing and managing service level agreements, volunteer agreements etc...

Provision of Resources

GSAP can provide local community/voluntary groups with a range of  resources such as projector/screen, printing facilities and space to run meetings/activities.

Access NI Checks

GSAP is an ACCESSNI Umbrella organisation which can support groups to complete standard and enhanced checks to Access (NI) for existing and new staff members and volunteers.

GSAP E-Newsletter

GSAP newsletter is a regular email bulletin providing up to date information of particular interest to the community/voluntary sector.

Community Consultations

GSAP can help support your group is all aspects of consultation from developing individual/household surveys, letters and posters, to helping you organise and facilitate public meetings and focus groups.        

Next Steps...

If your group / organisation / charity would be interested in becoming an affiliated member of the Greater Shantallow Area Partnership, and avail of the wide range of services detailed above, why not complete our affiliated membership form - AFFILIATED_MEMBERSHIP_APPLICATION_FORM.pdf and return to our office at Northside Village Centre or return by email to Lorraine at [email protected]

You can also contact our office and speak to either Lorraine or Mary on 71 358787.

Getting Started...

In order to get you started on your journey to establishing a new group we have included a sample constitution template that you can use, amend and tailor to the individual needs of your group.  Once completed why not call into our office at Northside where staff will be more than happy to review with you - DRAFT_CONSTITUTION.pdf