Children’s play is one of those things we take for granted.  It’s only when it starts to disappear that we realise how important it is. Because it’s when our kids are out playing that they develop independence, learn how to make risk assessments and grow in self-confidence and self-esteem. It’s where they learn to get along with other children, developing the social skills to be neither bully nor victim in the future. It’s how they become physically fit and develop the coordination and control that allows them to sit and learn in a classroom. And it’s also where they learn, through first hand experience, about the world they live in.

Inclusive Playtrail at Pennyburn

There is growing evidence that our children spend less time enjoying outdoor play than at any point in our modern history – society is nurturing a generation more concerned with the latest technology than social interaction.  The importance therefore of playparks must not be underestimated. 

Shantallow Playpark - Drumleck Drive
Elaghmore Playpark - Galliagh

GSAP works to promote the importance of ‘play’ for all children and young people – we acknowledge that playparks often act as focal points for the community, providing a meeting area for children and parents alike - they offer a place for children to play and forge new friendships, while ensuring they remain healthy and active.

GSAP has worked with a number of partners over the years to create increased play opportunities in our community.  As a result, we now have an enhanced provision of places and spaces for our children, young people and families – facilities where they can feel safe and confident playing outside in their neighbourhoods.  There is still much work to do….

Leafair Playpark
Glenabbey Playpark

Recent playpark provision / enhancement

  • Elaghmore
  • Playtrail
  • Shantallow
  • Leafair
  • Glenabbey, Marian Hall, Racecourse Drive,


  • Ballyarnett Country Park – £554k secured, contractor appointed and on site (March 2017)
  • Culmore Country Park
  • Templemore Sports Complex
  • Galliagh Linear Park

Viewing plans for new Playpark in Ballyarnett Country Park

                                         Ballyarnett PLayPark opened on the 27th November 2017