Throughout the six weeks (2hrs per week) participants will:

      1.     Examine beliefs, attitudes and perceptions that create and maintain low self esteem.

2.     Help understand non assertive and assertive behaviours.

3.     Overcoming fears and resistance to change.

4.     Learn positive ways of dealing with stress/anxiety to minimise negative effects on relationships.

5.     Improving communication skills in the family – recognising and overcoming barriers.

6.     Recognising the need for and positive effects of setting goals for the future - both individual and family goals.

7.     The prioritising and techniques involved in goal setting.

8.     To help participants create individual and family visions for health and effective futures, together and independently.

9.     To make links continually so that individuals recognise their own growing self worth and positivity in life and situations, also the reverse if so happens.

10. Focus on the goal setting mentality in family, its value and importance.

11. Discuss the importance and value of measuring progress and setting new goals

12. Introduction of relaxation techniques. Mindfulness, visualisation and meditation are practices which can become embedded into life – family and individual.

13. Stress the importance of accessing information and materials for personal development and health and well being.

14. If individual needs extra help regarding past or ongoing issues they will be signposted to appropriate source.

 Course Outline

                  Week 1

·        The nature, origins and effects of low self esteem.

·        Create a picture of healthy self esteem. ( Set  goals )


Week 2

·        Understanding and developing assertive behaviours and thinking.  (Goal Set – individual and family)


Week 3

·        Positive ways of dealing with stress / anxiety.

·        Understanding the basic underlying process, thoughts, etc.


Week 4

·        Developing healthy communication in families and community.

·        Focus on removing barriers to same. (Goals)


Week 5

·        Use Wheel of Life to set goals. Record same.

·        Goal setting techniques and formula. 


Week 6

·        On Loving the Self

·        Self assessment

·        Evaluation

·        Next steps.

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