A Learning Community April 2019 to March 2020

44 local community/voluntary groups were provided with capacity building and technical assistance in community development and good governance, which helped to build their confidence, increase their skills and enhance their ability to effect change for themselves and their community. In addition, groups received financial info /advice and support completing funding applications, which enabled them to learn new skills in relation to fundraising and improve their ability to access, secure, and manage additional financial resources efficiently and effectively thus helping to sustain their activities/services.

GSAP held 7 meetings with training providers throughout the year including Advice NI, DC&SDC Learning City, Red Cross, Equality Group NI and NWRC to help increase and enhance access to education/vocational training in the area

56 existing front-line workers provided with training and support in areas such as Manual Handling, Hearsay Training, Emergency First Aid, safeguarding Training, Universal Credit & PIP Training, Disability Equality Awareness Training etc, which enabled them to build their knowledge and skills, promote good governance, engage better with the communities they serve and contribute to community building initiatives

14 Community/voluntary groups received advice, information and ongoing support to register as a charity with the Charity Commission and complete their online annual returns.

929 children aged 0 to 3 years participated in a range of early intervention programmes throughout our Talking to Our Babies programme and 309 parents of children aged 0 to 3 years old participated in a range of early intervention/parenting support programmes with an additional 66 parents/carers completing job specific training such as Makaton, Autism level 2 & 3, Child Protection, Paediatric

138 parents/carers and 138 children and young people completed our 8 week Families Connect programme and         to assist GSAP in delivery 35 local people completed the 2-day Family Connect Practitioner training programme.

175 residents participated in the GSAP Skills North West programme completing educational qualifications and vocational training up to level 2 in courses such as First Aid, CSR, Food Hygiene, COSHH, Cash handling, Working at Heights, Food safety, Manual handling, Administration of Medicine, Abrasive Wheels, Till & Stock, H&S in Catering etc.

An Influential Community

16 networking events were organised and/or facilitated by GSAP throughout the year which enabled local groups/residents to share knowledge, skills, and resources and strengthen and build new relationships such as our hosting of students from Maynooth University Dublin on 17th  April, hosting the One City One Heart event at the Guildhall on 17th April, hosting SIB Buy Social NI with C/V groups in the area on the 10th May, organizing the end of summer festival at St Brigid’s on Saturday 7th Sept 2019 with approx. 800 local residents and range of C/V groups attending, hosting the NI wide DENI WRAP Education steering group at GSAP on 28th January 2020 and hosting the new director of AWARE at GSAP with Ethos Family Support Hub on 28th January 2020.

GSAP supported 4 community relations projects this year such as the 'Travel with Me' project for travellers and the 'Who Do You Think You Area' project for Northside 50+ Club.

Encouraged and supported GSAP staff & Directors, local community/interest groups and residents to seek and/or maintain representation on 11 city wide bodies that operate at a strategic level.                                                                

GSAP Organised and/or facilitated a series of partnership meetings (19) to advance the physical and social regeneration of the area, promote social inclusion(7) and maintain linkages with key organisations (17).

An Active community

85 volunteers were recruited, trained and supported to participate in community development work, events and programmes within the Greater Shantallow Area.

Provided ongoing information and advice to over 40 community/voluntary groups through 39 electronic newsflashes, GSAP website (13,025 individual users, 20,227 sessions & 37,340 page views) GSAP face book (1974 users) and GSAP twitter (439) followers).

12 community/voluntary groups received assistance in completing 72 ACCESSNI checks through GSAP as part of the recruitment process for staff and volunteers.

GSAP during the year continued to protect 10 existing local integrated local services managed by GSAP including: the Outer North Community Support Project undertaken by 3 FTE staff members ,  the secretariat of the Outer North Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership undertaken by 1 FTE staff member,  the Shantallow Family Support Hub (ETHOS) undertaken by 3.5 FTE staff members, the Greater Shantallow Talking To Our Babies Project undertaken by 1 FTE staff member, the ASPIRE Programme undertaken by 1 FTE staff member, the GSAP Skills North West programme undertaken by 2 FTE staff members;  the Greater Shantallow Extended Schools Programme 2018/19 funded through the EA extended schools programme,  the Outer North Families Connect Project undertaken by 1 FTE staff member,  The Forge Digital Archive Hub and the Greater Shantallow Foodbank

323 families (323 adults and 135 children/young people) were able to access intervention/treatment services through the family support hub, and 72 of those young people were able to access specialist support to address their needs

152 existing and 142 New Year 8 pupils attending St Brigid's College in September 2019 accessed a range of personal/social development and health programmes after school over a 20-week period such as STEM Science, Crafty Creators, Minecraft, Drama, Kickboxing Playfit etc

190 local residents participated in healthy lifestyle programmes such as Tai Chi, Chair Aerobics, walking Club, personal development, Swimming, Minding me programme, Restore Nutrition, Outdoor Boot camp,  Yoga etc thus reducing social isolation and improving their overall health and well-being,

1235 young people attending local schools accessed a range of extended school programmes and services such as counselling, speech therapy, outdoor environmental education programmes and literacy and numeracy tuition etc,

567 food (week supply) parcels donated by the four local Churches were distributed by GSAP to families in need across the area thus helping to reduce the impact of poverty and improve their quality of life,

GSAP during the financial year also developed 3 new integrated community led local services including the new Skeoge Community Hub at Clon Dara in partnership with APEX, and ONNP with financial support from the Nationwide Foundation, a local Pilot Wrap Around Education Support programme lead by DENI and funded through DOJ Tackling Para Militarism programme and in response to COVID 19 set up a new Ballyarnett DEA Community Helpline and Foodbank.