2018/19 Year

A Learning Community

48 local community/voluntary groups were provided with capacity building and technical assistance in community development and good governance, which helped to build their confidence, increase their skills and enhance their ability to effect change for themselves and their community. In addition, groups received financial info /advice and support completing funding applications, which enabled them to learn new skills in relation to fundraising and improve their ability to access, secure, and manage additional financial resources efficiently and effectively thus helping to sustain their activities/services.

GSAP held 6 meetings with training providers throughout the year including Enterprise North West, NI Fundraising, WRDA, Supporting Communities NI and NWRC to help increase and enhance access to education/vocational training in the area

26 existing front-line workers provided with training and support in areas such as Drink Wise Age Well Training, Raising Fundraising Standards Training, Good Governance Training etc, which enabled them to build their knowledge and skills, promote good governance, engage better with the communities they serve and contribute to community building initiatives

6 Community/voluntary groups received advice, information and ongoing support to register as a charity with the Charity Commission.


An Influential Community

10 networking events were organised and/or facilitated by GSAP which enabled local groups/residents to share knowledge, skills, and resources and strengthen and build new relationships including the Future of Skills & Work Event at St Brigid’s College on 23rd May. Families Connect Information event at Holywell Trust on 16th May, our annual summer festival programme at St Brigid’s College 8th September, Light Up you Christmas events across the community in December, the launch of Shantallow peoples History Book at Shantallow Library in 12th December and the FCWP final celebration event in the Guildhall on 28th Feb 2019.

GSAP supported 3 community relations projects this year including the ‘Travel with Me’ project for travellers, the ‘Share Our History’ project for Northside 50+ Club and the Different Tunes project with Teach na Failte

Encouraged and supported GSAP staff & Directors, local community/interest groups and residents to seek and/or maintain representation on 10 city wide bodies that operate at a strategic level.                                                                 

GSAP organised and/or hosted a series of public meetings throughout the year such as a series of meetings with Ballynagard Residents, DC&SDC and the building contractor in April/May in relation to the proposed housing development at Ballynagard Field and recreational facilities; meetings with Culmore Community Partnership/Residents and Insight Solutions in June/July on the needs of the village and the development of the Culmore Village Plan; a meeting in Dec with the Orange Order representatives and CCP representatives in relation to the refurbishment of Victoria Hall and their future use of Victoria Hall and meetings with range of community/voluntary partners, Dfc, DC&SDC and local politicians on the need for new community infrastructure at the new housing development in Skeoge at GSAP in Feb/Mar 2019

GSAP undertook sharing best practice events throughout the year with other community/voluntary groups, operating across the Greater Shantallow Area, the city, and the region and statutory agencies. For example, GSAP hosted Sharon Russell, DfC Work & wellbeing Director on 25th June 2018,

An Active community

55 volunteers were recruited, trained and supported to participate in community development work, events and programmes within the Greater Shantallow Area.

40 volunteers were recruited, trained and supported to assist GSAP in rolling out of the Families Connect programme within local primary schools.

14 volunteers were recruited, trained and supported to assist in GSAP’s ASPIRE Programme within St Brigids College.

Provided ongoing secretariat support to Outer North Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership and chaired 8 management meetings in 2018/19

Provided ongoing information and advice to over 40 community/voluntary groups through 61 electronic newsflashes, GSAP website (14,798 individual users, 25,658 sessions & 49,197 page views) GSAP facebook (1553 users) and GSAP twitter (375) followers).

16 community/voluntary groups received assistance in completing 49 ACCESSNI checks through GSAP as part of the recruitment process for staff and volunteers.


Local Partnerships - Capital Projects

GSAP in partnership with local community/voluntary groups and statutory agencies together successfully secured investment to build upon and improve the community infrastructure in the Greater Shantallow Area. A notable example was securing approximately £350,000 for the refurbishment of Victoria Hall at Culmore Point from DEARA, DfC, Irish Honourable Society and DC&SDC. GSAP throughout the year is continuing to work in partnership to bring forward new facilities for the area. These include the new 1.5 million Leafair Sport & Leisure Facility which is due to be completed in the summer of 2019, the 2 million refurbishment and extension to Shantallow Community Centre which is due to commence in Autumn 2019 and the construction of a £1.5 million community centre in Galliagh which is due to commence in Autumn 2019.


Local Project Highlights

GSAP during the year continued to protect 10 existing local integrated local services managed by GSAP including: the Outer North Community Support Project undertaken by 3 FTE staff members ,  the secretariat of the Outer North Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership undertaken by 1 FTE staff member,  the Shantallow Family Support Hub (ETHOS) undertaken by 3.5 FTE staff members, the Greater Shantallow Talking To Our Babies Project undertaken by 1 FTE staff member, the ASPIRE Programme undertaken by 1 FTE staff member, the GSAP Skills North West programme undertaken by 2 FTE staff members;  the Greater Shantallow Extended Schools Programme 2018/19 funded through the EA extended schools programme,  the Outer North Families and Schools Together (FAST) Project undertaken by 1 FTE staff member and the Foyle Community Works Programme (FCWP) undertaken by 2 FTE staff members and funded through TEO.

GSAP during the financial year also developed 4 new integrated community led local services including; the development and delivery of the Hopeful Minds Training Programme in partnership with the Ulster University, Outer West Neighbourhood Partnership and Western Health & Social Care Trust which included the training of  21 school and community partners within the Greater Shantallow Area; a new local Dads Programme  in partnership with Parenting NI; a new Circus Skills programme, which ran every Wednesday in the Shantallow Community Centre for young people aged 6-11 year olds and the Green Inclusive & Circular Economy Technology Programme in partnership with Oakgrove Integrated College, St Brigid’s College, Enterprise NW, Kippie and Zero North West from Oct 18 to March 2019.  


Local services provided

Among the stand out results for 2018/19 derived from the integrated local services included:

*            271 families (271 adults and 131 children/young people) were able to access intervention/treatment services through the family support hub, and 79 of those young people were able to access specialist support to address their needs

*             49 parents/carers accessed parenting skills development programmes through our ASPIRE programme, 57 parents/carers accessed parenting skills development programmes through our Families Connect Programme.

*              133 existing and 148 New Year 8 pupils attending St Brigid's College in September 2018 accessed a range of personal/social development and health programmes after school over a 20-week period,

*              340 parents of children aged 0 to 3 years old participated in a range of early intervention/parenting support programmes, 41 parents completed non-specific training and 62 job specific training such as Paediatric First Aid and 853 children aged 0 to 3 years participated in a range of early intervention programmes throughout our Talking to Our Babies programme 

*              157 parents/carers and 159 children and young people participated either on the 8 week Families Connect programme.

*              57 local people either completed the 2-day Family Connect Practitioner training programme or the Resilience Training by the WHSCT Marie Dunne

*              204 local residents participated in healthy lifestyle programmes such as Line Dancing, Zumba, Tai Chi and Yoga thus reducing social isolation and improving their overall health and well-being,

*              1200 young people attending local schools accessed a range of extended school programmes and services such as counselling (36), speech therapy (444) outdoor environmental education programmes and literacy and numeracy tuition etc (331),

*              106 residents participated in the GSAP Skills North West programme completing educational qualifications and vocational training up to level12 in courses such as First Aid, CSR, Basic Food Hygiene, Domiciliary Care, Plant, Social Media, Child Protection, HouseKeeping etc, 

*              119 long term unemployed were in work placement under the FCWP with 98.3% (117/119) of the participants having gained accredited training qualifications (683 in total) and 58% (69/119) securing employment after completion of the programme

*              576 food (week supply) parcels donated by the four local Churches were distributed by GSAP to families in need across the area thus helping to reduce the impact of poverty and improve their quality of life

Further detail is available within GSAP's Annual Review 2018/2019.