MOnday 12th August to Saturday 24th August 2019

There are road works on Glengalliagh Road at Northside/Carnhill School for 2 weeks that will disrupt the 12a, 13a and 14a each day from 08:00-18:00

 During the dates concerned:

  • 12a will run to Elaghmore (Frying Pan) and back along Moss Road and Carnhill. There will be no buses on Fern Road for Brookdale/Bloomfield, or opposite Northside from 08:00 to 18:00 each day

  • 13a will run as normal to Glenabbey. To the City Centre it will operate via Shantallow Shops. There will be extra buses on 13a doing short journeys to Leafair and Shantallow to provide a bus every 15 minutes. (see attached timetable)

  • 14a/b will run through Carnhill and not serve Shantallow or Fern Road


Before 08:00 and after about 17:50 buses will operate as normal. Sundays will also run as normal.

If there are any queries please email [email protected]