The aim of the FAST (Families & Schools Together) Phase 3 is to highlight the amazing work of everyone involved in the delivery of the FAST programme. St Paul`s PS, is one of the few schools in the UK to deliver the FAST programme five times.

The St Paul's PS FAST programme received an amazing “93% Parental Satisfaction” rate from the families / parents who completed the FAST programme.

There was also a significant improvement in community social relationships between parents, families, school & children.

100% of parents & families completed the FAST programme in St Paul`s PS.

In addition, teacher satisfaction for the FAST programme was an outstanding 77%, with teachers reporting an increase in children`s positive attitudes towards school and other class mates.

GSAP would like to congratulate St Paul`s PS & Nursery, FAST Team , FAST Volunteers & FAST Families for their outstanding commitment & efforts during the FAST programme.