Over the past 9 years, GSAP and families across the Greater Shantallow Area have been indebted to Angela Mc Intrye 'ETHOS Family Support Hub Co-ordinator' for her tireless commitment and efforts in supporting families in need. No task or challenge was too big.

Angela has changed the lives of so many families with her support, empathy, understanding and genuine love and care for them and this was reflected last week with her nomination at the Foyle Womens Centennial Awards ceremony.  


All these experiences, and indeed her own personal life experiences, created a person who always puts the needs of others before her own. She goes the extra mile for anyone who needs help and support. She is a weekend, Christmas Day, Easter Sunday angel, who is on call constantly, to ensure that no one ever feels alone or lost on her watch.

GSAP directors & Staff wish her a long and happy retirement and look forward to taking her out next week to celebrate her Big 70th Birthday.