This past Monday, the ladies of the Northside 50+ club co-ordinated by GSAP continued their weekly programme of events by visiting the Museum of Free Derry. The group were lucky enough to receive a talk and tour by the inspirational John Kelly, brother of Michael Kelly, who was shot and killed on January 30th 1972.

John, who works as the Education Officer for the Museum of Free Derry, gave an informative and emotive talk about the events surrounding the Civil Rights campaign, the establishment of Free Derry and the events and aftermath of Bloody Sunday.

After our talk, the group were given a tour of the museum and its many exhibitions, spanning the history of Derry, providing context to the many events witnessed in our City, that shaped the future of Irish history - from the establishment of Derry, to its subsequent plantation by English and Scottish settlers right up to the tragic events of Bloody Sunday and the families campaign to find justice for their loved ones.

The Northside 50+ club runs every Monday morning from 10:30am -12:30pm at the Shantallow Community Centre, Drumleck Drive. For more info Northside 50+ Club contact Chris at 02871 358787 or email [email protected]