The Health Improvement Department, have published a new booklet on looking after yourself at home

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenging time especially for those of us who have been spending more time at home, whether shielding, self-isolating or working from home. It has become even more important to look after our overall health and wellbeing.

Looking after our health is important for two reasons:

  • It can help us to stay healthy
  • If we do have a health concern, it can help us to manage it better.

This new booklet lookingafteryourselfathome.pdf   provides ideas and information on practical and helpful ways we can support our health and wellbeing at home. Further help and support information can be found at the end of each section. The health topics covered in this booklet are:

  • Keeping Active
  • Healthy Eating
  • Cutting Down on Alcohol
  • Support in Stopping Smoking
  • Nurturing our Personal Resilience
  • Money Advice