Heartfelt thanks for Sean Hegarty, Plant Manager of Lisahally Power Station for their donation of laptops to our 'Our City Together, Digital Inclusion Campaign'. 

The Greater Shantallow Area Partnership (GSAP) was very concerned, that many of the children and young people, living within all areas of the city, had not been able to continue their learning, due to the lack of IT equipment and access to broadband within the home.  

GSAP and many community groups across the Greater Shantallow Area/Ballyarnett DEA had been inundated with requests, from individuals and families, phoning our community helpline, contacting the local ETHOS Family Support Hub and contacting the school principals across the city for IT support, so their children could access google classroom and online learning resources.

We at Greater Shantallow Area Partnership, set up the Digital Inclusion Campaign to acquire Laptops, reconditioned or new for children and young people in our City whose learning has been negatively impacted upon.

For further information on GSAP Digital Inclusion Project