Our Let's Play Program has finished today!

Our Lovely Little Boys and Girls had a fantastic time at this 6 week program!

Some of our boys and girls even helped us get set up! 

We all loved catching fish in the Water Tray!

 We even had some Sensory play using Jelly in the Water!

Some of our Boys and Girls enjoyed using the sand tray to

build Castles and make Teddy Bears prints!


and we enjoyed painting our own pictures to take home!

We also had a loads of lovely toys to play with just before we had our Story and Rhyme time!

What a great group of Boy's and Girls!

If you would be interested in booking onto the next Let's Play Program which is due to be held in March 2018 message the Talking to Our Babies Facebook Page at Pages

For Further information on other Talking to Our Babies programs click: Events

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