Outer North Partnership through funding from DC&SDC are working in partnership with GSAP, Leafair Community Association, SCRA, Liberty Consortium and local youth clubs/groups to design, create and launch three (3) Community Christmas Light Displays across the Greater Shantallow Area on Thursday 13th December 2018 – 

A local artist (Caroline Devenney) has been working with a host of young people from a range of local youth groups & Youth Leaders (Shantallow Youth Club, Liberty Consortium, Rainbow Child & Family Youth Club & Lenamore Youth Club) to design and develop a series of light installations (Giant Christmas Heads – Angels/Elves & Santa’s) – produced from coloured foam, incorporating LED lights within.

The launch of the festive light installations will take place as follows:

5pm - Fence lines at Shantallow Youth Club / Racecourse Road

6pm - Fence lines at St.Brigid’s College / Glengalliagh Road,

7pm - Fence lines at Galliagh Residents Association / Moss Road.