At Talking To Our Babies all our programmes are designed to support your baby, toddler or child's communication skills - to help them become confident communicators!

Having good communication skills is at the heart of all that our children learn both today and tomorrow. Having good communication skills help children to develop socially and emotionally, helps lay the foundations for literacy and helps them be able to listen, ask questions, respond and follow instructions too. There's lots we can do to support their communication development but the main four things are talking, singing, reading and playing - if you do all these things every day with your child soon they'll be communicating with confidence!

Did you know the level of language your child has when they start nursery school is an indicator of how well they will achieve in nursery and later in school? 

Here's a few photo's of your toddlers and children talking, singing, reading, playing and communicating with confidence too!

Sing, Sign & Rhyme

Here we are learning new words and how to match actions to words as we sing new rhymes.


Exploratory Play

Feeling, using and trying new experiences and textures helps us to learn new words and name actions like 'pop' or 'paint'. 



Let's Play

Our first week on the Let's Play programme is all about enjoying early learning experiences, meeting new friends and learning how to share. Sharing is a skill but if our children have good communication skills they may find learning to share easier as we can explain why we should share, about waiting our turn and that it'll be their turn VERY soon!


Play Together, Learn Together

Our children on this programme already have good communication skills and in this group they'll get to learn even more. This wonderful group really does help them get ready for starting nursery or community playgroup through the many learning activities we do.



Plus this term they even got to find the Easter eggs the Easter Bunny left too!!!!