Pat Carlin

We have known and worked with Pat for over 10 ten years and in that time Pat has played a key and pivotal role in the educational development / attainment of many of our young people from the Greater Shantallow area, and quite literally from right across the entire Derry city area.  Pat has been changing the lives of young people from right across the City since 1979 when she began teaching in St. Anne’s PS. 

Her inspiration, dedication, and all round caring nature was such that there were no surprises when she received the BT / Guardian Teacher of the year in 2005. However Pat being Pat did not stop there.  Following her early retirement as a teacher in 2006, Pat continued in the field of education as the Social Education Officer with the NIHE, where she encouraged and exemplified the virtues of good citizenship such as the City wide Junior wardens Scheme. 

GSAP had the pleasure in welcoming Pat to our ‘family’ in 2006 when she worked as a family support worker before taking on the role as the ASPIRE Project Co-ordinator, working with year 8 pupils from St. Brigid’s College.   No better person could have been chosen for this role. 

Pat considers each and every one of the pupils as her own, and has subtly yet effectively made positive changes in their lives.  Her dedication and commitment to each and every one of them is second to none.  Pat quite literally goes ‘above and beyond’ her everyday job, putting everyone first.  She is easily the most compassionate person we know--the kind of person who goes out of her way to help the less fortunate in society each and every day.

Put simply Pat loves people, and puts 100% into lifting the spirits of those around her. Pat continues to touch and enrich the lives of those around her and has devoted her life to making real positive changes in the lives of each and every one she encounters on a day to day basis.  We can think of no one more deserving of this award than Pat Carlin.

Angela Mc Intyre

It is with great pleasure to nominate Mrs. Angela McIntyre for consideration for the Foyle Centennial Women’s Award in recognition of her outstanding commitment and tireless efforts in addressing the needs of local families from right across the Derry City area.

Angela McIntyre came to work with Greater Shantallow Area Partnership 9 years ago. From the day she arrived, she changed the lives of so many families with her support, empathy, understanding and genuine love and care for them. Angela came from a nursing background, where for 30 years she was a midwife, a health visitor, lecturer at North West Regional College in Health and Social Care and acting Matron of the Foyle Hospice and currently Chairperson of the Foyle Hospice.

All these experiences, and indeed her own personal life experiences, created a person who always puts the needs of others before her own. She goes the extra mile for anyone who needs help and support. Her role in the Ethos Team was never confined to a 9 – 5 slot. She is a weekend, Christmas Day, Easter Sunday angel, who is on call constantly, to ensure that no one ever feels alone or lost on her watch.

With all her kindness and compassion, also comes a great sense of humour which lifts everyone’s heart. Angela epitomises all that is great in the community and voluntary sector, where people work tirelessly to make life better for others.

What is truly staggering is how the efforts of one person, can truly make a difference in the lives of so many people. If Angela McIntyre was to have a motto, it would be “others first, me last”.

Minty Thompson

We at The Greater Shantallow Area Partnership are proud to endorse the nomination of Miss Minty Thompson for the Foyle Centennial Women’s Award. 

Minty has made an immeasurable impact over the past 10 years as a passionate advocate for the unemployed. Minty returned to the GSAP ‘family’ in 2009, having previously worked with us co-ordinating a range of overseas Wider Horizons Programmes, providing training and employment experiences for numerous young people from across the City and Donegal. 

Since 2009 Minty has been employed in various employment and training roles within the organisation.  Initially as the coordinator of the Outer North Kick Start to Work Programme and more recently as our Senior Employment & Mentoring Officer on the Derry2020 and Skills2020 programmes, providing advice, guidance, support to the long term unemployed from throughout the Greater Shantallow area.

Over the years Minty has earned the respect of many and has proved to be an outstanding professional, mentor, supporter, and guide in the field of community based employment and training programmes, having quite literally changed the lives of many long term unemployed people.  Minty is highly respected within the local community and voluntary sector.

Unemployed people, both young and old have benefited hugely from having such a selfless, committed and understanding individual as a mentor and guide, through what at times can be a very challenging and frustrating time.  Minty’s passion for improving the lives of local people are further typified through her volunteer work with a local men’s health group where she coordinates a range of weekly activities, programmes, projects and events for local men.  We at the GSAP are very proud of Minty’s achievements and she fully deserves recognition for this.