On behalf of GSAP Board of Directors, Chairperson of GSAP 'Peter Mc Donald' was delighted to introduce our 22nd Annual Report. 

Notable achievements reported included the support to 47 voluntary and community sector organisations who requested assistance in key areas such as funding, recruitment and selection, good governance, monitoring and evaluation, the charity registration and reporting process, vetting and meeting the new statutory requirement for an auto enrolment pension scheme etc.

Other work throughout the year included the delivery of personal development and formal/informal training for 376 residents, family support services to 400 vulnerable adults and their children, after school activities through ASPIRE and Extended Schools for over 2000 young people, early communication programmes,  activities and events for over 1000 parents and  young children aged 0-3 years old, the 8-week Families And Schools Together (FAST) programme for  69 local families, educational qualifications and vocational training up to level 2 for 111 residents under our Skills 2020 Project and 2 year work placements with accredited educational  and training programmes for 103 long term unemployed under the Foyle Community Works Programme.

In the year ahead, GSAP are committed to investing and strengthening  our relationships with key agencies responsible for delivering services within the area and work with residents, local organisations, schools, community groups and statutory agencies to develop positive changes in the quality of life of disadvantaged families and neighbourhoods thus ensuring comprehensive social inclusion.

GSAP staff and Directors aim to remain at the centre of local development. This will be achieved by working even more closer with local residents and community & voluntary groups in the area, remaining actively involved in the development of the Ballyarnett DEA Strategic Growth Plan and the delivery of the Outer North Regeneration Plan, continuously identifying need and putting forward sound cases for investment and grasping opportunities that may arise from new Government policies and initiatives.

Overall, there have been many positive and significant achievements throughout the past year, detailed within the body of this report, which would not have been possible without the commitment of our dedicated Directors and also of course our funders, -without whom we could not function. Details of our funders are found in the back of our report.

For a copy of our latest Annual Report you can click on the following link: GSAP(annualReport)(V1)(201617)(231017).doc