Shantallow ‘Festive Christmas Lights Project’

Thursday night saw the fantastic illumination of the ‘Christmas Lights Project’, with the participation of community groups, schools, youth groups and even Santa himself making an appearance!

Outer North Partnership, working in partnership with Derry City and Strabane District Council, Greater Shantallow Area Partnership, LCA and SCRA, developed the Christmas Lights Project which involved the creation of festive Christmas light installations at three separate sites in the Greater Shantallow area.

The project was lead by local artist Caroline Devenney, who worked with a range of local youth groups and leaders including Shantallow Youth Club, The Bud [email protected] Consortium, Rainbow Child and Family Youth Club and Lenamore Youth Club.

The various groups set about to design and develop a series of light installations including Giant Christmas Heads of Angels, Elves and even Santa. These were produced using coloured foam and incorporated LED lighting within.The installations were illuminated on three sites – outside Shantallow Youth Club; outside St. Brigid’s College on Glengalliagh Road and outside Galliagh Residents Association on Moss Road. Santa paid a visit and St Brigids College Choir entertained the guests.

The illuminations will remain up over the festive period.