FCWP Update

The Foyle Community Works Programme represents one of a number of projects that have received funding as part of the £80 million Social Investment Fund.The Foyle Community Work Programme is directed at young people aged 16-24 not in education, training and employment, and adults who are long term unemployed or economically inactive who are disengaged from the labour market, with few or no qualifications and who may have additional barriers to accessing and remaining in employment.

As of the 31st of January 2017, the Foyle Community Work Programme is currently working with 22 Host Employers (during the lifetime of the project we worked with up to 45 Host Employers FCWP_Host_Employers.xlsx) who are currently providing work placements for 33 participants on the Foyle Community Work Programme (86 participants have already completed).


Since the beginning of the Foyle Community Work Programme 119 participants have taken up paid work-placements for up to 104 weeks.


As of the 26th January 2018:  86 have left the project and we have 33 live participants in placement.

Of the 86 that have left: 3 have gained Self Employment, 35 are in Full Time Employment and 7 are in Part Time Employment (52.3% have secured employment).


98 (82.4%) participants were from or lived in NRA’s within the Top 20% of income, health, training and education domain of the Multiple Deprivation Measure

96 out of 113 (85.0%) participants registered for training have achieved an educational qualification

102 out 113 (90.30%) registered have achieved and a vocational qualification

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FCWP Newsletter September 2017


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