At GSAP 'Talking To Our babies- Create And Make Story Time' programme we always enjoy our group story then its 'crafty time' before we sing our rhymes  – we’ve read 'Hooray For Fish' and made fish, sang 'Going Fishing In The Deep Blue Sea' and hunted for fish. We even tried bubble painting to make the sea for our fish!

Last week we read 'Meg And Mog Go To The Moon' and did lots of spaceship songs including '10 Little Spacemen' and the children were great doing the countdown to blast off!. We got sparkly making stars, glittery making witches hats and even sticky making edible witch hat cones!!!

Our class is fun, supports our children’s communication development, is educational, busy and our children and parents love it (and we love seeing them enjoying this special time with their children). This week it’s the 'Hungry Caterpillar' and we are making our own caterpillars!!!

Doing craft with your children really does offer lots of opportunity for communication development, such as learning new words, following instructions, taking turns and being able to listen (just to name a few!). Creativity also links to imagination and when combined with good communication skills helps lay the foundation for your child’s imaginative stories and story writing as they get older. So don’t delay get the paintbrush out today!!

 Here are Shea and Mummy doing bubble painting.



Tom, Aniya, Caolan and Amelie loved making their witches hats.



Anna loved the glitter!


But Caidan, Ben and Aoife loved making their witches cone to eat best!!!