The Greater Shantallow Area Partnership is very pleased to be able to help increase awareness of infertility, fertility challenges/ difficulties and involuntary childlessness, and help create the space to have real and meaningful conversations.

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 Fairness (IN) Fertility is an organisation set up by Deborah Cross to support people faced with infertility or indeed any form of fertility challenge or involuntary childlessness. 

Pictured below is Sandra Duffy (SF Cllr), Deborah Cross (Fairness In Fertility), Nicola Mullan (GSAP),

Caoimhe Mc Knight (SF Cllr), Brian Tierney (SDLP Cllr) and Angela Dobbins (SDLP Cllr).

We would like to say a huge Thank You to those that attended, donated and showed their Support to this very worthy cause.