As we celebrate volunteering week, I would like to acknowledge the sterling commitment and enthusiasm of our dedicated volunteer at Skeoge Community Hub…. Caroline Ming.  As a long-term resident of the Greater Shantallow area, and more recently of Clon Elagh, her work has always been the development of her community, and in particular its residents.

Caroline joined us over 1 year ago, when the new Skeoge Community Hub opened its doors. Without having to be asked, Caroline was one of the first ‘hand-raisers’ and ‘sign-up’ volunteers who has selflessly gave her time and talents to help those in her community.

As our first signed up volunteer at the Skeoge Community Hub, Caroline has and continues to contribute her time, her energy and her heart at just about every Skeoge Community Hub event – be it our Summer Festival event, Easter, Halloween and Christmas initiatives, our youth programmes and much more…   For Caroline no job is too big or too small – and can even be seen on days cleaning and moping the floors in the Skeoge Community Hub.

Caroline brings with her life experiences, talents, skills, abilities, compassion, intellect and above all a great sense of humour - yet she asks for nothing in return, giving her time generously without any expectation of reward.

Caroline has never been one to shy away from developing her own skills and talents, and since becoming a volunteer with the Skeoge Community Hub she has achieved a number of accredited training certificates.  These certificates, and the knowledge and skills developed will be put to good use in the Hub here in Skeoge.

This year has been a year like no other, and if it weren’t for the dedication and ‘get up and go’ ethos and attitude of volunteers like Caroline we would not have been able to support and assist as many local residents and families as we have done, especially during the dark days of the first lockdown. 

We were all set to open our doors at the new Skeoge Community Hub, when the first lockdown ‘hit us’  so our planned programme of events, initiatives and services needed to be put on hold.  However Caroline did not let this hold her back, and was one of the ‘first in line’ to help support the local community response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Without hesitation she offered her support, skills, services, and experiences to the local Ballyarnett Community Response Team – helping out daily on the telephone support line, making up food parcels, providing support and guidance to our most vulnerable residents, and even delivering food parcels, and medical supplies to local families – and all done with a supporting hand and smile. 

Volunteer like Caroline may never know the profound effect that they may have made on a person’s life. A kind word, a listening ear can mean so much to someone who was in need of support at this time.

Volunteers like Caroline might work for free, but that doesn’t mean they’re not valuable. In fact, they’re invaluable!

If, like Caroline you would like to offer your support and volunteer at the Skeoge Community Hub, why not call in to us at 67 Clon Dara, Skeoge and have a chat and a cuppa with Caroline or Nicola, or telephone us on 71 162 605 or email the [email protected]

Please know that we genuinely appreciate and value your commitment of time to volunteering with us at Skeoge Community Hub and for this I thank you.