Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson took part in a public discussion on Brexit and its impact on older people organised by the Northside 50 plus group in the Shantallow Community Centre on Monday 27th February at 10.30am.


Speaking at the event, Ms Anderson said; 


"Brexit will be damaging to us, to our economy, to our environment, to our rights.  It will have a huge impact on young and old and on so many aspects of our lives. 


"The majority of people here voted to Remain and that is what we must ensure happens.


"I have met with so many community groups, businesses, schools and it is vital that everyone across society understands what Brexit means so that we can all stand together to demand that we remain within the EU.


We have set out our case for a special designated status for the north within the EU and we are actively seeking support for that. 


“There are currently 25  countries with a special relationship with the EU.  These are known as ‘Overseas Countries and Territories'.


"The people who live in the immediate Shantallow area remember the border roads being closed and customs points a few miles from their homes.  


“We cannot go back to this situation.  We have moved on, the Good Friday Agreement has moved our society forward.  


“We are Irish citizens and as such we are citizens of the European Union."