GSAP board and directors are delighted for 'Minty Thompson' GSAP Employment & Mentoring Co-ordinator who was honoured at the Foyle Centennial Women's Award Ceremony in the City Hotel. 

Minty returned to the GSAP ‘family’ in 2009, having previously worked with us co-ordinating a range of overseas Wider Horizons Programmes, providing training and employment experiences for numerous young people from across the City and Donegal. 

Since 2009 Minty has been employed in various employment and training roles within the organisation.  Initially as the coordinator of the Outer North Kick Start to Work Programme and more recently as our Senior Employment & Mentoring Officer on the Derry2020 and Skills2020 programmes, providing advice, guidance, support to the long term unemployed from throughout the Greater Shantallow area.

Over the years Minty has earned the respect of many and has proved to be an outstanding professional, mentor, supporter, and guide in the field of community based employment and training programmes, having quite literally changed the lives of many long term unemployed people. 

Minty is highly respected within the local community and voluntary sector. Unemployed people, both young and old have benefited hugely from having such a selfless, committed and understanding individual as a mentor and guide, through what at times can be a very challenging and frustrating time. 

Minty’s passion for improving the lives of local people are further typified through her volunteer work with a local men’s health group where she coordinates a range of weekly activities, programmes, projects and events for local men. 

We at the GSAP are very proud of Minty’s achievements and she fully deserves recognition for this.