GSAP board and directors are delighted for 'Pat Carlin' GSAP Aspire Co-ordinator who has honoured at the weekend at the Foyle Centennial Women's Award Ceremony in the City Hotel. 

GSAP had the pleasure in welcoming Pat to our ‘family’ in 2008 when she worked as a part-time family support worker before taking on the role as the ASPIRE Project Co-ordinator, working with year 8 pupils from St. Brigid’s College.   No better person could have been chosen for this role.

Over the past 10 ten years, Pat has played a key and pivotal role in the educational development / attainment of many of our young people from the Greater Shantallow area.

As we all know, Pat considers each and every one of the pupils as her own, and has subtly yet effectively made positive changes in their lives.  Her dedication and commitment to each and every one of them is second to none. 

Pat quite literally goes ‘above and beyond’ her everyday job, putting everyone first.  She is easily the most compassionate person we know--the kind of person who goes out of her way to help the less fortunate in society each and every day.

Put simply Pat loves people, and puts 100% into lifting the spirits of those around her. Pat continues to touch and enrich the lives of those around her and has devoted her life to making real positive changes in the lives of each and every one she encounters on a day to day basis.  We can think of no one more deserving of this award than Pat Carlin.