Neighbourhood Renewal is a Government Strategy that aims to close the gap between the quality of life for people in the most deprived neighbourhoods and the rest of society.

About Neighbourhood Renewal

Neighbourhood Renewal aims to reduce the social and economic inequalities which characterise the most deprived areas in Northern Ireland. Through the Neighbourhood Renewal Programme it does so by making a long term commitment to communities to work in partnership with them to identify and prioritise needs and co-ordinate interventions designed to address the underlying causes of poverty.  Neighbourhood Renewal Partnerships were established in 36 separate NRAs as representative of local community interests together with appropriate Government Departments, Public Sector Agencies, Private Sector interest and local elected representatives.

The entirety of the Outer North Neighbourhood Renewal Area rests within the Greater Shantallow area – it is primarily made up of three estates - Shantallow, Carnhill and Galliagh, plus much of the Belmont, Ballyarnett, Cornshell Fields and Skeoge areas.  The Outer North Neighbourhood Partnership was established in 2005 to oversee the development and delivery of ‘Neighbourhood Renewal’ within the Outer North area, an area comprising a population of 15,975* residents, by focusing on community, economic, social and physical regeneration.   It also acts in an advisory role to the Department for Communities (previously Dept. for Social Development) for delivery of the ‘People & Place’ Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy and Programme.  [* NISRA Mid-Year Population Estimates for 2015]

‘People and Place’ has four interlinking strategic objectives:

Community Renewal – to develop confident communities that are able and committed to improving the quality of life in their areas.

Economic Renewal – to develop economic activity in the most deprived neighbourhoods and connect them to the wider urban economy.

Social Renewal – to improve social conditions for the people who live in the most deprived neighbourhoods through better co-ordinated public services and the creation of safer environments.

Physical Renewal – to help create attractive, safe and sustainable environments in the most deprived neighbourhoods.

Outer North Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership (ONNP)  

The Outer North Partnership Board is comprised of representatives of the community & voluntary sector, statutory sector agencies, private sector and political sector.   The Partnership currently comprises 23 members - ONNP has appointed one of its partner organisations to discharge a support / secretariat role – Greater Shantallow Area Partnership.  This ‘Secretariat’ role allows for the employment of staff to facilitate the work of the ONNP and for administrative functions as required. 

The ONNP is tasked with delivering the Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy ‘People and Place’ in the Outer North Neighbourhood Renewal Area. The remit of the ONNP is to focus on identifying local priorities through its Neighbourhood Action Plan(s) and work to influence and contribute to the determining of Government spending priorities for the Outer North neighbourhood.  It acts as a vehicle for local planning and implementation. It is through the ownership and management of Neighbourhood Action Plans that the ONNP is able to influence budgetary decision making. 

The Outer North Neighbourhood Partnership is responsible for:

  1. Analysing and prioritising the needs of the Outer North Neighbourhood Renewal Area.
  2. Engaging with and consulting local communities to drive and implement Neighbourhood Renewal.
  • Leading the process in the preparation of an Action Plan.
  1. Overseeing the implementation of the Action Plan.
  2. Reviewing the Action Plan annually to ensure that it reflects the priority needs in the area.
  3. Monitoring and evaluating progress against the priorities in the Action Plan quarterly.
  • Publicising and building awareness of Neighbourhood Renewal by informing and updating their local communities of progress made on a regular basis.


The ONNP has agreed a [long term] Vision Framework and developed a Neighbourhood Action Plan in consultation with and between key-stakeholders and local communities.  The Vision Framework includes a statement and analysis of the key challenges and priorities in the area.

The Neighbourhood Action Plan was developed as a working document and sets out priorities for the neighbourhood renewal area and identifies actions needed in the next 3 year period to address these priorities.  The ONNP oversees the implementation and regular review of the Neighbourhood Action Plan to ensure that any changes needed are accurately reflected within the Plan.

The Action Plan identifies priority needs to be addressed to ensure people living in the Outer North Neighbourhood Renewal Area have access to the best possible services and to opportunities which make for a better quality of life, better prospects and the creation of a safer environment for themselves and their families.

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