The Galliagh Linear Park is a significant greenspace that extends for 1.5km from one end of the Galliagh Estate to the other.  The Moss Park site is a large open green which borders Moss Park, Bracken Park and the Glengalliagh Road.

In the second quarter of 2016 the Outer North Neighbourhood Partnership commissioned Social Capital North West (GSAP’s trading Community Interest Company) to undertake a community consultation on the future use of these sites.  Social Capital NW subsequently recruited 20 local residents and community workers to undertake a survey which targeted 500 households in Galliagh over a six-week period in April / May 2016. 

This was preceded by a number of focus groups with local organisations in Galliagh. The purpose of the survey and focus groups was to better understand the current use of and satisfaction with the Galliagh Linear Park and the greenfield site at Moss Park, and to plan for residents’ needs, aspirations and priorities for the future use of these greenspaces.

The wealth of views, experiences and opinions expressed by local residents helped to develop a comprehensive picture of resident’s current use of, experience with and satisfaction of both the Galliagh Linear Park and Moss Park site, their opinion on what are the current advantages and disadvantages of the site and their opinion on what they would like to see to improve the site for the benefit of residents of all ages and the wider community.

The results of the household survey and focus groups provide strong objective evidence supporting the redevelopment of both these greenspaces.  GSAP and the Outer North Neighbourhood Partnership are continuing with further resident engagement to help inform the development of an agreed set of proposals for these areas which can be presented to the Derry City and Strabane District Council (under the Community Planning process), the Department for Communities and other potential funders / stakeholders.

We’re hoping to develop a plan with local residents and statutory agencies that will enhance the local environment and public realm, create attractive features in the heart of Galliagh, bring investment in the local physical infrastructure and ultimately improve residents’ quality of life and the overall image of the area.

The work is also being guided and supported by a Galliagh Steering group, comprising members and staff from the Galliagh Women’s Group, Teach Na Failte, Leafair Community Association, Rainbow Child & Family Centre, St.Joseph’s Community Playgroup and Off The Streets Youth Initiative.

In May 2017, GSAP and ONNP appointed MWA 'Chartered Landscape Architects' who will animate 'present a concept master plan' from the results of the household survey, focus groups and public consultation day and take into consideration topography, linkages, land ownership, boundary treatments, ground conditions, rights of way and planning issues.  

                                     Wednesday 3rd May 2017: MWA first meeting with Galliagh Steering Group

MWA 'Chartered Landscape Architects' completed the revised concept masterplan for Moss park/Linear Park over the summer months 2017 and presented their final report in September 2017. MWA_FINAL_Galliagh_Linear_Park_Report_27.07.17.pdf