This is a extensive WRAP around 2 year Pilot therapeutic programme for 12 families/carers and their children aged 4 to 8 years old which commenced in 2019. 


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart I don’t know where we would be now with the girls if I had not found out about these amazing therapies, I was very apprehensive at first, but was willing to try anything.  Now all I can think is thank goodness I was open minded, as each one of us got amazing benefits and then the whole family unit was enhanced due to the wider impact it has had. We now have a real place for the girls to call ‘HOME’. ”

“I really loved every minute of the therapies and classes, I just felt like I was being hugged and nurtured in every way possible, the Hub has always been there for me but this was just so much more - I don’t know how I can begin to Thank you all for the difference it has made.  My wee girl loved Art, Circus & Meditation and has really grown in confidence and I loved the therapies and some well needed ME TIME with childcare for my wee doll has been great for my mental health before baby No 3 comes along.  I feel now I’m ready for anything”

‘Amazing therapies made huge difference to my daughter; she goes into school happy in the mornings’.

‘Because I am quite a busy person, it was hard to get to the therapies and anything for me. When I did go it was amazing, always wanted to stay longer. When family life is busy would go back to some of the feelings I felt when I was in the therapist. Great healer for me’.

‘Amazing feedback, so grateful. Opened my mind up to it a bit at a time when I really needed it in my life. Changed my whole way of thinking, no panicking, or hiding stuff; confront it all. Now pay myself although I can’t afford some of the dearer therapies’

‘Feel much better as a parent and now I can do things without worrying what might happen. I’ve now done so much for myself and I’m actively looking for work, if not for this I wouldn’t have gotten this far’.

‘I enjoyed it, relaxed and took time for me. Delighted with childcare and how my child has settled’.

'I became more open and confident in my role as a parent and confident I am doing my best no matter the situation.'       

'Amazing, my daughter’s anxiety has gone; she’s now in school and its stress free mornings. I now put time into me.