The AIM of the ETHOS family support hub is to provide families with children and young people aged 0-18 years old living within the Greater Shantallow area with access to networks of support that:

Help children and young people grow and develop;

Build parents’ skills and confidence in parenting;

Support families to respond to problems ‘early’ and

Improve the way agencies work together to make sure families get the services they need.



The welfare of the child is paramount;

Children’s needs are best met in families and communities;

Respect for individuality of families, children and young people;

Empowerment and building on strengths;

People have the capacity to change;

Relationships with individuals and families are core to positive intervention;

Inclusion of families and children in effective participation and decision-making;

Families have the rights to choice, privacy, confidentiality, and protection;

Generally, families avail of Family Support Services voluntarily.

Referral Process

The Family Support Hub has developed a network of contacts and relationships with a wide range of services for children and families available in the community. A significant number of these services are universally available and are community based.  The Family Support Workers facilitate and supports the families, with their expressed consent, in accessing such services directly. All new referrals to the Hub are initially screened by the Family Support Co-ordinator. Referral to the Hubs is voluntary and the families must consent to the referral being made (in a significant number of cases referrals come directly from families themselves).

FEEDBACK from Parents

“Good listening ear, gave advice and helped with Housing Executive”

“Gave support and advice.  I also got involved in a disability focus group (my voice was listened to)”

“Always there and listening when needed. I completed the Build Your Self-Confidence course- I really benefited from this and feel I can always talk to the staff at Ethos”

“Great support and I know I can call in anytime I need support”

“They were there for me when I needed the support”

“It was great having someone to talk to when the stress got too much for me. Also the practical support given helped”

“Very supportive. Got me help for my grief through counselling at CRUSE as well as support for my housing issue through Floating Support”

“Family support workers made 100% difference to myself and my family by being there for me”

“Helped me get out of debt, I am now saving in the Credit Union. I am doing well now - family support was a great help”

“I am now in the Credit Union and saving. Things at home are better”

“Ethos staff were always there. I did various courses which I really enjoyed. The staff have also got me involved with a financial advisor which is helping to sort my debt”

“Gave great advice and listening ear.  I was signposted to various services to help with my debt and housing issue.  The girls gave a great service”

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