Shantallow, meaning the ‘old ground’ in Irish, lies on the northern outskirts of the city of Derry~Londonderry. 

The area covers a number of Townlands of the Templemore Parish (Ballyarnett, Culmore, Shantallow, Elaghmore, Pennyburn, Ballynashallog, Ballynagalliagh, Ballynagard) and is steeped in history with several sites & points of interest having local, regional and global significance (See below)


—  Belmont House Estate

—  St. Columbs Stone

—  Volunteers Memorial

—  St. Patricks PS (Friel)

—  Messines Park

—  St. Columbs College (Nobel Laureates John Hume, Seamus Heaney, Famous Pupils - Brian Friel, Eamon Martin, Edward Daly, History Established 1879)

—  Troy Park Estate (Troy Hall) Bed & Breakfast


—  Elagh (Aileach) Castle (15th Century)

—  Siege Battle of Elagh (1689)

—  Jacobite Burial Site (Common troops killed at Battle of Elagh)


—  Racecourse Heritage

—  The Country Park

—  Amelia Earhart

—  Our Lady of Lourdes Church


—  Culmore Village

—  Culmore Point (Area of Townscape Character)

—  Culmore Lighthouse and Fort

—  Holy Trinity Church (Ref. Culmore Church 1688 in Graveyard, Burial Place of Momont? killed at Pennyburn)

—  Culmore Primary School (The Honourable the Irish Society School)

—  Siege Foyle-side (Culmore Fort to Brook Hall to Boom Hall Estate)

—  Brook Hall Special Status of House and Gardens

—  Boom Hall Estate Regeneration (Incl. Site of Siege Boom)

—  Thornhill (College and House)

—  Archaeology Neolithic Settlement


—  Siege Battles (Pennyburn Mill linked to Culmore and Walled City)

—  Industrial Heritage (Shipbuilding and Railways)

—  WW2 US Navy Ship Repair Yard and Admiralty Yard (adjoining)

—  Pennyburn Chapel



Londonderry Corporation Minute Books

Records of the Freemen of the City:Registers and extracts from the Minute Books which relate to Freemen of the City.

War Memorial records have now been digitised and are available to view online. These records contain details of soldiers from the city of Derry who fought and died during the First World War.

The Built Heritage Archive Project

This partnership project between Derry City and Strabane District Council Museum Service and Guildhall Press began in October 2014. It aims to conserve, digitise and make accessible to the public and key stakeholders a large selection of the building plans submitted for bye-law approval to the old Londonderry Corporation and to the Londonderry Development Commission.

Irish News Archive of Derry Journal

British Newspaper Archive of Derry Journal