The Forge Writers’ Group are a group of local historians, writers and history enthusiasts who have been gathering over the past two years the compelling memories of Shantallow residents.

Joe Martin, the group’s founder and advisor, has been working alongside the residents to retell some of the area’s most interesting stories. This is done through writing, one-on-one interviews and collecting photographs.

The Forge Writers’ Group office is based at the FORGE, Unit 20 Northside Village Centre in Shantallow. Until now, the group’s work has only been available online at Shantallow People's History Project but now the articles are being showcased in the Derry News to raise awareness of their compilations and to promote an upcoming project.

The Forge Writers’ Group are putting together a book on Shantallow’s History in the 20th century, which will be released within the next year.

If you are interested in the topics raised or would like to contribute please contact the group’s secretary, Mary McBrearty, at [email protected] or ring 02871358787 so that you can be added to the group’s mailing list and get involved in its monthly meetings.