10 networking events were organised and/or facilitated by GSAP, which enabled local groups/residents to share knowledge, skills, and resources and strengthen and build new relationships.

Encouraged and supported GSAP staff & Directors, local community/interest groups and residents to seek and/or maintain representation on 11 citywide bodies that operate at a strategic level.

GSAP organised a series of public meetings throughout the year such as a meeting with the deputy First Minister with residents and member groups of Culmore Steering Group on Wed 6th April 2016 and an open Public consultation with residents/agencies in relation to Moss Park/Linear Park in Galliagh Parish Centre from 10am to 9pm on Thursday 15th September 2016.

GSAP undertook sharing best practice events throughout the year with other community/voluntary groups, operating across the Greater Shantallow Area, the city, and the region. For example, GSAP hosted Neighbourhood Renewal funded groups based across Fermanagh and Omagh District Council Area in GSAP offices with staff/groups on Thursday 23 March 2017 from 2-4.30pm to discuss/share information on our local early interventions programmes.