A Learning Community

47 local community/voluntary groups were provided with capacity building and technical assistance in community development and good governance, which helped to build their confidence, increase their skills and enhance their ability to effect change for themselves and their community.

33 local community/voluntary groups were provided with financial info /advice and support completing funding applications, which enabled them to learn new skills in relation to fundraising and improve their ability to access, secure, and manage additional financial resources efficiently and effectively thus helping to sustain their activities/services.

376 residents undertook local, accessible, personal development and formal/informal training, which helped to build their confidence and skills, and enabled them to become more involved in their local community

48 existing front-line workers provided with training and support in areas such as Child Protection, First Aid, Social enterprise, Recruitment and selection etc which enabled them to build their knowledge and skills, promote good governance, engage better with the communities they serve and contribute to community building initiatives