Family Support Hub 

The focus of Family Support Hubs is on signposting families to early intervention family support services. ETHOS Family Support Hub based with the Greater Shantallow Area Partnership at Northside Village Centre acts primarily as a an agency which co-ordinates information about the network of family support services available to people in the Greater Shantallow area, to which it can direct clients as appropriate  This may include ongoing support to clients to enable them to engage with the services and use them appropriately.  

Depending on your family and its needs, the range and network of  family support services which can be accessed by families contacting ETHOS may include;-

Home visitation and centre-based individual and/or group sessions for parent support, knowledge and skills development;

Advocacy and referral, where families may be having problems dealing with other agencies;

Group activities. These may be courses to develop skills - in parenting, self-esteem, communication, relationships, play skills for parents and children, money management and household management, among others;

Activities for children, including special programs for children affected by issues such as bereavement, bullying, drugs and alcohol;

Self-help groups where people share experiences with others in similar situations. This may be helpful where people are experiencing the effects of, for instance, grief, sexual assault or domestic violence;

Activities that help family members to get to know other people, to decrease social isolation and to build supportive networks within communities;

Information about resources available for families, particularly those struggling with financial hardship or poverty;

Counselling, with individuals or in family sessions.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact the ETHOS family support hub at GSAP on 02871358787