GSAP with support from Save the Children have been able to undertake training to deliver the new Families Connect Programme within the Greater Shantallow Area.

Save the Children and GSAP are committed to ensuring that every child reaches their full potential. Evidence tells us that a positive home learning environment contributes to a child's readiness to learn and has a positive impact on children's educational outcomes. Many families have told us they would like to support their children in their learning but do not know how or do not have the confidence or assurance that what they are doing is helpful. Based on feedback Save the Children has developed Families Connect to provide guidance to parents and carers and support them to create a home environment that enhances and promotes learning.

The programme provides a series of activities, techniques and games parents and carers can practise with their children, whilst in the home environment and during the course of their regular day. The programme recognises the role parents play in the education of their children and the value in creating a home environment that is conducive to learning. Families Connect is unique in that it focuses on three key areas:

1) Social and emotional development

2) Literacy & language development

3) Numeracy and mathematics

Each of the eight workshops uses play as the vehicle for learning and interaction with parents and between parents and their children. No other learning programme provides support in theses three areas.

For Further Information please contact Pat Carlin at GSAP on 02871358787

Evaluation Report FC_Evaluation_report_2017-2018_Final.pdf