Talking To Our Babies; 'Play Together, Learn Together' Programme

Our 'Play Together, Learn Together' programme is delivered by Talking to Our Babies and Galliagh Nursery School and promotes through its relaxed yet informative approach, the principle of the parent as the child first educator. We offer a wide variety of child centered activities within the nursery including sand & water play, painting, small world and imaginative play, as well as story and rhyme time, outside play and trips. Our focus on communication, interaction and parent and child learning together really does enable your child to enjoy learning as they prepare for attending nursery or community playgroup. 

Throughout each session opportunity for relaxed discussion and reflection on information, such as how can I help my child play? What pre-school activities can I do at home to support my child? Will encourage you as a parent to give your child the skills and experiences that will enable them to flourish and succeed whilst together you smile, create memories and enjoy their childhood. Each week has a theme such as 'All About Me', 'Cooking & Baking', 'The World Around Us' and the children receive a story book and activity to take home each week that links to the learning that has taken place in the classroom 

The programme runs each term, twice a week, for eight weeks and is for children aged 2.6 - 3.6 years. We do fill up very quickly so if you are interested pop your child's name on our waiting list now! 


Feedback from participants

“It is a great start for any child.”

“The programme has shown us good ways to give our child learning experiences.”
“Amelia really enjoyed the programme and will benefit particularly when starting pre-school.”
“This is a great programme.  It has really helped our child develop”
“I underestimated the importance of playing and learning and speech and language through play.”

Booking for this event has now closed.