Talking To Our Babies; 'Let's Play' Programme

During our Let's Play programme your child will be able to enjoy and learn through different themed play activities including; ‘All About Me’, ‘Animals’, ‘Let’s Imagine’ and more. They’ll be able to experience and discover the joy of rhyme time, sand, water, craft, playdough, small world and constructive play and develop their communication and social skills too!

Nominal Charge £1.50 per week X 6 weeks =£9.00

As we believe you are your child’s first educator, you and your child will also be able to take a learning resource home each week and you’ll receive information on play, learning and language development to support your knowledge so together we can help your child to develop a love of learning to last a lifetime!

This programme, is on each Tuesday morning for six weeks and is for children aged approximately two to two and a half years. We do book up very quickly so if you'd like a place for your child, either for this term or the next then message us today!


Unfortunately this program is now closed!

If you would like your name registered on the September 2019 waiting list please contact Natalie Logue on 02871358787

Kind Regards,

Natalie Logue