Hopeful Minds Facilitator training will be hosted by Greater Shantallow Area Partnership, funded through the Outer North Extended Schools Cluster Programme 2020/21 & delivered by facilitators Marie Dunne & Martin Heaney from Resilio.

The aim of Hope Matters is to equip participants with evidences based knowledge & skills to grow HOPE during the most challenging of times. This training opportunity has been adapted into two modules:

Module 1 (19th March 21 - 10am to 2pm)

  1. Introduction to the theory of hope & why we need to invest in it.
  2. Link to the impact of trauma & the importance of building hope & resilience
  3. Have the opportunity to experience a range of practical strategies to enable you to grow hope within their own setting.
  4. Reconnected to their own self care through hope & resilience.

Module 2 (20th April 21 - 10am to 2pm)

  1. Have the opportunity to work through the 12 lesson plans of the hopeful mind programme
  2. Gain confidence & skills to deliver the programme to children & young people
  3. Receive training resources to support you in the delivery of the programme
  4. Support the ongoing evaluation on the impact of teaching hope on the mental & emotional health of our children & young people.

Participants most attend the 2 modules to complete the training & become a Hopeful Minds Facilitator.  If you require any further information on this training then please contact Lorraine McWilliams on 02871358787 or via email on [email protected] 

Booking for this event has now closed.