The workshop on employment documentation is designed to:

  • assist employers prepare effective employment practices and procedures that best meet their needs and which comply with statutory requirements
  • raise awareness of the provisions of employment legislation and promote and develop good practice
  • update participants on a range of relevant issues which could affect the content of their employment documentation

It provides practical help and guidance to employers who wish to draw up the following documentation:

  • Written Statement of Main Terms and Conditions of Employment
  • Disciplinary Rules and Procedures
  • Grievance Procedures

In addition to providing guidance and comprehensive documentation during the course of the workshop, Jim McCarter (Labour Relations) also provides assistance to participants following the workshop who, for example, are experiencing difficulties in drafting particular aspects of their statement or who wish to have the him comment on their draft documents prior to issue.

This training will be facilitated by Labour Relations & hosted by the Greater Shantallow Area Partnership.

Booking for this event has now closed.