The year past has been another busy one for GSAP. I am delighted to introduce our 22nd Annual Report to you this year on behalf of GSAP Board of Directors.

Within the pages of the report you will see the detail, the breadth and depth of GSAP’s activity in support of local residents, volunteers, community/voluntary groups and local schools/agencies operating across the Greater Shantallow Area.

Our day-to-day work includes capacity building and technical assistance, training, and funding advice to organisations, regular information updates, family support and, early intervention and education and training programmes to mention just a few of the services. In terms of communications with all our stakeholders GSAP are committed to continual improvement and this year GSAP took the decision to commit substantial resources in the development of our new website, This investment will provide residents, visitors, member groups and partner organizations with more up to date, comprehensive and easy-to-find information on the ongoing work of the charity, our programmes and services and the range of ongoing developments in the Greater Shantallow Area.

Although we have been operating in uncertain times with no confirmation of funding post March 2018, I am confident GSAP can remain focused on delivering and expanding on our current services at the same time working with all stakeholders to develop new services and community infrastructure to meet the growing need and demand from our residents/communities.

I would encourage you all to take a few minutes to read through the report, see what’s happening and how it can work for you in the future.

Before I conclude, I’d like to extend our thanks to all those organisations and individuals we have worked and engaged with over the last year.  I would like to extend a sincere word of gratitude to all those funding bodies who have invested and continue to invest in the GSAP, and who have contributed to the on-going support work carried out by GSAP staff on a daily basis. I would like to extend thanks to all my fellow Directors and to the Staff of GSAP for their hard work and endeavours throughout the year.

Kind Regards


Peter McDonald